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​Power Distribution



Eaton power distribution units (PDUs) deliver flexibility while simplifying power quality and backup power management. These solutions enable you to easily deliver power from your UPS to wherever you need it.

Remote power panels deliver up to 168 factory installed branch breakers in a highly compact footprint. Extensive monitoring such as branch circuit monitoring allows customer to monitor/manage power at the branch level.

















VTI offers power distribution for industrial plants, commercial buildings, instrument loads or any general purpose power distribution.

  • Unitized distribution substation(UDS) is an engineered, assembled, factory wired, quality controlled and tested, ready for shipment. UL or CUL labeled. The UDS is a space and labor saving device that provides a power distribution transformer, a current limiting disconnect device, and a panelboard for individual circuit breakers in one small enclosure.


  • Fused distribution panels provide high speed fused electrical distribution for applications requiring high speed clearing of load faults from the supply source. Available in single and three phase input voltages and can accommodate single, double, or three pole branch switches up to 42 poles per panel. Typical applications are for coordination for UPS distribution systems. Southern Company has standardized on this product.