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​​Modular Busway





low ampere busway provides flexible power distribution solutions for a variety of applications where change and adaptation are important. Eaton"s Power Flex low ampere busway is the latest designn a family of innovative busway products and is the newest in the industry. Power Flex offers a heavy-duty design and does not sacrifice on aesthetics. Standard features include an extruded aluminum housing, two standard color options, shutter mechanism safe plug-in outlets, integral ground path, high short-circuit withstand ratings and a variety of plug-in units.

Product features and benefits


  • This world-class product design meets the requirements of NEMAT, UL,T CSAT and ISOT
  • The aluminum housing provides lightweight durability and product integrity
  • The Power Bridge joint assembly and torqueindicating bolt provides a durable, flexible, secure and easy-to-install connection
  • Unique housing design allows for simple flush mount orback-to-back installations
  • Silver-plated contact surfaces provide highquality connections
  • Extruded housing channels provide simple and secure support and accessory connections
  • Flexible neutral and ground options provide solutions for any application problem
  • Multiple short-circuit withstand ratings coordinate with any electrical system
  • A full family of plug-in units is available for every power need


Pow-R-Flex capabilities


  • Plug-in units are available in stock for immediate shipment in select ampere ratings and system configurations
  • The busway manufacturing facility is located in Greenwood, SC, and is able to meet your emergency or quick ship lead-times from one day to three weeks
  • Customer approval drawings are available in three weeks or less to meet your project requirements
  • The Eaton Final Field Fit program ensures accurate layout and allows for minor last-minute layout modifications during installation
  • The Eaton Field Measurement Service takes the time and worry out of getting accurate layout measurements and guarantees an accurate installation​​​