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Eaton, the industry leader in power quality, is now the single source for a​​ll of your data center requirements. Blackmon Agency is pleased to offer a comprehensive line of data center solution products to complement a solid power management portfolio, including:


The Powerware Enclosure Rack mount Power Distribution Unit (ePDUâ„¢) effectively distributes power to up to 45 receptacles in high-density rack environments. The plug-and-play architecture organizes power distribution, simplifies cable management, and enables IT equipment to be added and changed without an electrician. The tiered product allows you to select the desired combination of features and power rating for each application.



Environmental Rack Monitors

Ideal for high-density data centers, Powerware Environmental Rack Monitors (ERMs) continuously monitor environmental conditions at the rack level, delivering additional security for critical assets.


Rack Power Modules


Rackmounted 3U power distribution system with flexible scalable architecture configurable for power distribution from 9kW to 45kW. Nema and IEC receptacle available.


Additional data center solutions available through Blackmon Agency include:


Data room Airconditioning




Raised Flooring Product

FreeAxez is an award winning, patented, all steel, quick-connect, low profile access floor that breaks the mold of the traditional raised access floor. FreeAxez provides unparalleled capacity and flexibility for the modern office and high technology environment, saving life cycle costs and improving workplace efficiency. 


FreeAxez is designed for the general office environment, not just for data centers or computer rooms; it is intended to be installed under every desk. FreeAxez is ideal for the distribution of power, voice, and data cables for new construction as well as retrofit. Over 20 million square feet has been installed worldwide for a diverse set of applications such as the general office, conference rooms, training rooms, retail, hospitals, theatres, casinos, museums, labs/manufacturing centers, TV/radio studios, banking centers, emergency dispatch, court rooms and financial buildings.


All Steel: Double 16 gauge zinc galvanized steel. High durability and high strength.

Quick-Connect: Components snap together without glue, screws or fasteners. The system installs 3.5 times faster than the industry average for raised floors.

Low Profile:
Available in 2 models


  • FreeAxez 40 is 1.6" high (lowest on the market) with 1.25" of useable space
  • FreeAxez 70 is 2.75" high with 2.40" of useable space
  • High Capacity: Large cable capacity with organized channels for cable runs. FreeAxez 40 has capacity for 50 CAT 5 cables at 40% every 15.5 inches. FreeAxez 70 has capacity for 90 CAT 5 cables at 40% every 15.5 inches. Optional wiring base units are available that can triple the capacity in high cable density areas.


Green: FreeAxez is the low-profile access floor listed in the GreenSpec directory of environmentally preferred products. Owners and Designers gain LEED credits by specifying FreeAxez. Key Green attributes include: Approved for non plenum-rated cable


  • Promotes Building Re-Use and Preservation
  • Recycles and Reusable
  • Refundable via a Buyback Program


FreeAxez does not create a Plenum

In virtually every other raised access floor in existence, the panels are installed "edge-to-edge", creating a plenum space. This contained airspace can allow HVAC, but also requires fire suppression in most cases. The FreeAxez design of quick-connect components assembles without the need for glue, screws, fasteners, or tools. The base units have 34 integrated support legs, and small holes strategically located for sound deadening, creating a solid and virtually silent walking surface. These holes, combined with the small gaps at connection points, permit airflow. Since the air space under the floor is the same environment as the free air space above the floor, FreeAxez does not create a plenum. FreeAxez is not intended as a duct, plenum or air handling space; accordingly, non-plenum rated cabling is permitted under the FreeAxez floor.



  • Installs 1000 square feet per man per day
  • 5-second no-tool easy access for wire management
  • Feel is solid, not bouncy like traditional pedestal raised floors
  • Least disruptive to existing surfaces; saves vertical space and real-estate
  • Removes the cost for electrified furniture & saves $ for moves, adds and changes
  • No railings or edges needed for ramps
  • No concrete, filler, wood or plastic
  • Green: Reusable, recyclable, refundable


Certified through third-party qualification tests: load, electrical, fire and earthquake. UL listed and qualified per ICC-ES AC175. MEA approved.​